“Yol Mobilya, which started production in 2014, is taking confident steps towards
the future with its own design concept.”

Company Profile

2014 yılında Yol Furniture we stepped into the furniture industry in İnegöl. We have come a long way in the short term by blending the experience and success we have achieved in the furniture production we started with an atelier. We continue our production with the aim of producing better by improving ourselves day by day in our factory integrated with the technology we have been operating for more than two


Our collections consist of simple and elegant furniture in cooperation with our professional staff and experienced designers. Especially Arya, Beretta and Natura collections are our new collection. We promise our customers quality, comfortable, comfortable and reliable products with the help of which we can produce the best solutions.

Quality Policy

As required by our quality policy, we carry out studies to increase efficiency in our manufacturing process in line with the continuous improvement approach. It is our primary goal to complete every project we started on time, with high level techniques, within the desired quality limits and complete. Yol Mobilya, which priori]zes satisfaction, consumer needs, happiness and peace in our services during and ager sales, continues to meet you with its furniture in a solution-oriented and successful way in Turkey and the world furniture market.

Mission & Vision

Yol Mobilya is a furniture company that works on the principle of customer orientation in the furniture industry, knows the industry well and knows the expectations of its stakeholders, and works to provide a reliable, efficient service in its field. We continue to be the rising brand of the sector with our dynamic teammates who closely follow the rapidly changing trends and developments in the international plaaorm. We aim to become the most admired and preferred brand in the industry with our brand, original designs, reassuring quality policy and innovative spirit.

Fields of Activity

At the same time, we continue to offer a variety of product options to our visitors at domestic and international fairs that we follow closely. As well as Turkey, also in the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Ivory Coast, Azerbaijan we take place in the international market with our exports to the Balkans, and studies in order to improve our activity in this market.